Fuck you very much, Obama voters. Now go kill yourselves

Well, I hope you nihilistic, narcissistic children who voted for King Obama are proud of yourselves! What am I saying? OF COURSE you’re proud of yourselves. Your mommies always gave you a gold star for going potty up until your mid-20’s, which helped make you feel so special and turned you into brain-dead leftist hipster douchebags. Since you retards have no integrity or critical thinking skills, you’re now following King Beta Male and backing him up on his ill-advised plan to attack Syria (that is, if he doesn’t puss out first, because there’s still time for him to make several more spineless, jellyfish, flip-flops).

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Timeless Tiberius – Bottom of the Barrel Movie Reviews: Cannibal Apocalypse

Here we are with another Bottom of the Barrel Movie Review. Today’s film is Antonio Margheriti’s 1980 film Cannibal Apocalypse

The film starts out with Norman Hopper (played by horror film veteran John Saxon) having flashbacks to when he was a captain in Vietnam, and one mission in particular, complete with stock footage of soldier’s jumping out of helicopters, grossly over-acted deaths, and a funky 70’s porn soundtrack (and if all that isn’t enough to give you flashbacks, nothing will)
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Open thread

As per a request, as I just can’t refuse a pretty face

We’re Fucking Finished – Here’s Why

In his inaugural address this week, King Obama prattled on about gay rights. As mentioned before, I’m for gay marriage and see no reason why it shouldn’t be legal. I am puzzled, however, why gay men constitute 3-4% of the population, but make up 99% of TV weathermen, commercial voice-overs, and flight attendants, but I digress…

During his diatribe to the petty masses, the King failed to specifically bow down and kiss the asses of every single grievance group in America (though he came close), so an 11 year old transgendered “girl” named Sadie wrote a letter that was published online, basically moaning about how trannies can’t get medical care (not true), go to school (not true), or even have friends (it’s called “freedom of association,” get over yourself). THIS is a perfect example of why America is finished. A few years ago, I coined the term “Nihilistic, Narcissistic Children” to describe leftists. Sadie is literally that. And predictably, he or she has become somewhat of a celebrity to the left, some of them calling the letter “inspiring.” Yes, the bar for every word from “hero,” “awesome,” “inspiring,” “epic,” “beautiful,” and the favorite word used by intellectually challenged women, “amaaazing” has been dramatically lowered.

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New shit same as the old shit

Thank fuck that absoluite cunt of a y ear has finished. If the new one didnt promise to bne just as shithosue i might acutally give a shit about it

Let the Gloating Begin

Since the final nail has been driven into the coffin that once was The United States of America, leftist pansies have predictably been gloating nonstop. I don’t begrudge them that; I would have done the same if Romney would have won. All indications were that Romney would win, or it would be a nail biter. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t even CLOSE. Obama was reelected in a landslide. It was both shocking and deeply disappointing, and it didn’t just end with Obama’s victory; it was a straight Democrat slaughter across the board. The takers won and the producers lost.

It’s not so much that we’re stuck with another four years of a narcissistic, socialist douchebag as our president. It’s that so many brain-dead zombies STILL voted for him (because of his skin color, because they want the government to take care of them, because it was “cool” to vote against a white Mormon, or because John Stewart told them to).

So I’d like to take a minute to congratulate the people who won (and are now in charge of our country):

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Nothing more needs to be said…

Just watch. Pat at his finest.


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